image of a grumpy toddler child refusing to eat plate of food for dinner
family enjoying a meal together

The Division of Responsibility in Feeding: What is it and how can it help you during family mealtimes?

  Are mealtimes in your household starting to feel like an episode of a reality TV show, complete with food-throwing tantrums and kitchen chaos? Do mealtimes play out like a grand culinary circus where picky eaters steal the spotlight and vegetables are the disappearing act? …

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cute baby eating green solid foods
ultrasound with images of kale and carrots to show prenatal fostering children's preferences for veggies

Kale vs. Carrots: A fetal taste test and what it means for fostering children’s preferences for veggies

It’s a familiar scene for many families interested in fostering children’s preferences for veggies: It’s dinner time. You are looking forward to sitting down with your family and enjoying the healthy meal you’ve spent the last 30 minutes preparing. The chicken, perfectly browned, emits a …

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